6 Things You Need to Know About Low Testosterone

I’ve written about the dangers of low testosterone on several occasions, however this message bears repeating.

Despite what you may have heard about the so-called dangers of testosterone, it’s far more dangerous for you to have low testosterone.

If you care about your well-being; your mental and emotional health, then you need to know about low testosterone and what it means.

#1 Low Testosterone Kills Your Sex Drive

Low testosterone will tank your sex drive if you let it.

Maybe you think age has caught up to you or you’re just no longer interested in sex. Have you ever considered that low testosterone is the problem?

When I speak to guys about TOT and the subject of libido comes up, I often get the following response:

I don’t want to optimise my testosterone levels just to increase my sex drive.

As if they believe I’ll think sex-obsessed monsters for admitting they enjoy sex! Come on guys.

In spite of people trying to make you feel guilty for feeling like a man, having no sex drive is no way to live life.

Physical intimacy and connection with another is one of the greatest aspects of being human. To claim otherwise is just an attempt at mind control (religion anyone?).

No, it’s not the be all and end all. But we don’t live in middle ages and you don’t have to repress your sexuality because CNN or the university campus told you so.

Whatever your age – you don’t have to just accept it. There is a solution:

Optimise your hormones!

#2 Low Testosterone Reduces You to An Anxious Mess

Low testosterone causes constant low-level anxiety. Sometimes it can get so bad that you start to despair over the smallest things.

It’s a horrible way to live life.

I should know, when I suffered from low testosterone I had regular panic attacks and crippling anxiety. I felt like I couldn’t control my worries and it spilled over into all areas of my life.

It wasn’t until I underwent testosterone optimisation therapy that I realised anxiety is NOT the default state for a man.

Once my testosterone was in the optimal range my anxiety vanished. Of course, I’m not going to say , ‘You never feel anxiety ever again!!’

I may experience it occasionally, but it’s no longer the gremlin your back.

Anxiety low testosterone.

#3 Low Testosterone Will Make You Hesitate

Our lives are a reflection of the decisions we make. However, when you have low testosterone your life will come to a standstill.

Why? Because low testosterone will make you hesitant. You deliberate over the most insignificant things. And so you put off making decisions – on almost everything!

As a result you never go anywhere because you’re going round in circles in your head.

Weighing up the pros . This is especially true when it comes to making a decision on testosterone optimisation therapy. Guys will pore over hours and hours of research. But never end up making a decision.

It’s classic paralysis by analysis. Yet they don’t realise it’s the low testosterone causing their indecision.

Sometimes it’s just better to have 70% of available information and pull the trigger, instead of trying get scrutinise every little detail.

#4 Low Testosterone Makes You Miserable

We all know of the classic grumpy middle aged man archetype. However, the fact he’s middle aged is not the problem.

I know plenty of men living incredible lives in their 40s, 50s and beyond. It’s more probable that his testosterone levels are on the floor.

Testosterone has a profound effect on your overall mood and sense of well-being.

No amount of meditation, yoga or consultations with a life coach will save you if you have low testosterone. It will be a constant battle to feel positive.

Do you really want to spend all of your willpower trying to be positive? If you do then good luck trying to accomplish anything else in your life. What a joke!

Being enthusiastic about life is your NATURAL state of being when you have optimised testosterone.

If you know a guy who’s miserable, highly-strung and reacts to the slightest provocation, chances are he has low T.

#5 Low Testosterone Ruins Your Social Life

As mentioned, one of the side effects of low T is crushing anxiety. Not only will this cause you to worry over everything, it will also ruin your social life.

It’s bizarre, but low testosterone can turn once confident men into shrinking violets. Low testosterone will give you anxiety in social situations, causing you to question your adequacy.

You become concerned with You start to hate being in social environments and you stay home. As a result, your relationships will suffer.

And what about meeting girls? Forget about it. Your confidence will be shot and despite your efforts to hide it, it will be immediately apparent to any girl you meet.

Depression low testosterone.

#6 Low Testosterone Destroys Your Progress In the Gym

You diet is dialled in and you train hard in the gym. Yet you can’t seem to make any meaningful progress, and you have stubborn belly fat you can’t get rid of.

The culprit? You should know by now – low testosterone.

Testosterone is highly anabolic, meaning it builds muscle. And so testosterone deficiency means you won’t build muscle.

If your testosterone levels aren’t where they should be, no amount of squats or deadlifts is going to help.

Forget this bullshit about doing compound lifts to boost testosterone. You may get a transient spike in testosterone levels after weight training, but that’s it.

Even if you do get a temporary boost, it’s not going to be enough to bring you out of hypogonadism.

Testosterone optimisation therapy is the ONLY proven way to clinically raise your testosterone levels to the optimal range.

Gentlemen, just as you can’t out train a bad diet, you can’t out train low testosterone.

Final Thoughts

While you can’t pretend that all your woes are down to low T – you can be damn sure it has a dramatic effect.

I get asked every day about the risks of testosterone optimisation therapy. And please understand, I’m not telling you to throw caution to the wind, because it’s important to understand the pros and cons of any treatment.

But guys, I hope you understand by now there are WAY MORE risks associated with low testosterone than optimised testosterone levels.

We have testosterone receptors all over our bodies.

Yet I don’t know of one receptor for some bullshit ‘testosterone booster’ or anti-depressants that are foreign to the body.

And you’re telling me testosterone is dangerous? Please…

Being indecisive and constantly ruminating about low testosterone won’t make it go away.

Low testosterone is no joke:

Either you face it head on or allow it to wreak havoc on your life. Which one are you going to choose?