5 Keys To Testosterone Optimisation Therapy Success

It’s almost a foregone conclusion as a man in today’s world that sooner rather than later, you’re going to become a victim of low testosterone.

Every day we’re bombarded by toxins and pollutants from our environment. Our endocrine systems are under siege.

The human body is an incredibly resilient organism. However, there’s only so much you can do to protect against this onslaught.

In order to combat this, many men are turning to testosterone optimisation therapy. They see this as a way out of the bleak existence that is low testosterone.

Make no mistake – TOT is truly life changing.

However, in order to be experience success on testosterone optimisation therapy.

#1 Get A Prescription From A Doctor

As testosterone is a controlled substance, without a prescription taking it is considered illegal. However, there are two other reasons why should get a prescription for low testosterone from a doctor.

Firstly, it’s important to work with a doctor who can help you evaluate your blood markers. Without a doctor you may not be able to interpret and understand you results properly.

And if you self-medicate without this guidance and you don’t know what you’re doing, it could be hazardous to your health.

Secondly, getting a prescription from a TOT doctor means you have access to pharmaceutical-grade testosterone. With underground labs, you can’t be sure of the dose you get, what compound it is or whether there are any toxins in it.

Just because it comes in a glass vial doesn’t make it any better than street drugs.

‘But I’ve got a legit source!’

Yeah right. A legit source straight out of someone’s bathtub.

Empty syringes testosterone optimisation therapy.

#2 Lift Weights

One of the key benefits of testosterone optimisation therapy is its ability to help with lean muscle tissue.

Testosterone is highly anabolic, but it’s not going to build muscle without resistance training. Nor is it going to magically teleport you to the gym – you have to create the habit.

Therefore, lifting weights with testosterone optimisation therapy is key. And when you lift weights there is one key mindset you need to adopt:

Instead of heaving weights around, focus on maximal contraction of your muscle fibres. Feel the muscle each time you do a rep.

The mind-connection truly exists.

Eliminate momentum from your exercises. And reduce the poundage if you can’t lower the weight slowly with good form.

Although that alone is not enough – training intensity is also key. Plenty of guys go to the gym and go through the motions.

I see guys execute with great form, but they have zero training intensity:

You need to train like your life depends on it! (Actually it does, but that’s another story).

One of the best ways to train with intensity and gain lean muscle on TOT is to train to positive failure.

The human body likes homeostasis. And it will only change if it has to. Therefore, you need to force your muscles to adapt in order to grow back bigger and stronger.

When you train to true positive failure, you literally can’t do another rep. So provided you have everything else dialled in, you simply HAVE to grow.

I highly recommend you check out the Forged training program by Jim Brown. It will take your training to a whole other level.

One thing I especially like about Forged is the efficiency.

I can do 5 exercises within 30 minutes and I’ll be completely smoked and ready for bed! That’s a sign of a great workout.

Forged Training.


#3 Lower Your Insulin Profile

Testosterone optimisation therapy works incredibly well in a low insulin environment. And alongside testosterone, insulin is one of the most anabolic hormones in the body.

When you lower your insulin profile you increase your insulin sensitivity.

High insulin sensitivity means your muscles can take up more carbohydrates instead of converting excess glucose into fat.

What’s more, virtually all diseases are metabolic in nature and improving your insulin sensitivity means less systemic inflammation.

Pro-inflammatory environments allow diseases to thrive.

You can lower your insulin profile through a combination of nutrition, exercise and intelligent supplementation, such as metformin.

#4 Minimise Stress

We all know too much stress is no bueno. And minimising stress is one of the keys to a happy and productive life.

And in order to allow testosterone optimisation therapy to work its magic, it’s imperative you minimise your stress levels.

Excessive stress can elevate cortisol levels, which can interfere with your other hormones and counteract the positive effects of testosterone.

Cortisol is catabolic in nature and decreases muscle mass, increases body fat and kills libido.

Indeed, some researchers hypothesise that it’s the ratio of testosterone to cortisol that can lead to socially aggressive behaviours.

#5 Ditch Alcohol

People are so attached to alcohol that they can’t imagine life without it.

Ask yourself honestly:

What does alcohol really bring to your life? A quick buzz and a few laughs?

All transient.

But the long term effects of alcohol are less amusing. Alcohol is not only a neurotoxin, but it also damages your sperm count.

And even moderate alcohol consumption can have deleterious effects.

And don’t think for a minute TOT means you can drink like a fish and get away with it. Alcohol is packed full of estrogens, which in excessive amounts can counteract the positive effects of testosterone.


Final Thoughts

There are no absolutes in life.

If you want to drink the occasional beer or glass of red wine then go ahead.

Similarly, if you feel like a pizza or bowl of cereal, do it. Hell, I know I do.

We’re all human and living like a monk or repressing your desires only leads to misery. And testosterone optimisation therapy is about living a life of joy and energy.

However, consistently giving in to your base desires and living a life devoid of discipline will ensure you make minimal progress on TOT.

In the Bible there is a parable about the man who built his house on a foundation of sand had nothing left when the floods came. Yet the man who built his house on a rock was able to withstand any storm.

And so it is with your health.

You are building your health on the best foundation: Optimised hormones. And testosterone optimisation therapy success comes to those who create the right habits.