Daniel Kelly Consulting

To enjoy everything life has to offer, you need to make an investment in your health.
Because you only get one body in this life.

In my one-on-one personal coaching sessions, you can learn how to take your mind and physique to the next level.



“Having personally coached and mentored Daniel Kelly for close to 4 years, I can honestly say there are few men with such an all encompassing grasp of testosterone optimization. If you are a man under 35 looking to take charge of your life from every conceivable aspect, he is your go to resource.”

jay campbellJay Campbell, TRT Revolution

“Daniel Kelly has been a student of TRT optimization for the last few years, putting in hours of research in order to optimize his own health. He’s an incredible resource on the subject and all other things related to men’s health and longevity.”

Jim Brown.Jim Brown, Forged Training

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